CAMP X-RAY Trailer: Kristen Stewart Serves as a Guard at Guantanamo Bay Read more at »
August 8, 2014 | News Updates, Videos

IFC Films has released the first Camp X-Ray trailer for writer/director Peter Sattler’s Guantanamo Bay drama. The film stars Kristen Stewart as a young private stationed at the aforementioned prison and revolves around the complex relationship that develops between her and a foreign detainee, played by A Separation star Peyman Maadi. I caught the film at Sundance at found it to be a bit of a mixed bag. It touches on the controversial issues surrounding the treatment of Guantanamo detainees and does a nice job of portraying them as human beings rather than faceless villains, and in particular the scenes between Stewart and Maadi are quite strong and compelling. However, other aspects of the film tend to delve into melodrama territory and certain subplots coming off as superfluous and unfocused. This is Sattler’s first feature and he certainly shows some promise, especially when it comes to intimate character-driven scenes, so I’m definitely eager to see how his career progresses going forward.

Hit the jump to watch the Camp X-Ray trailer and click here to read my full review. The film also stars Lane Garrison, John Carrol Lynch, and Cory Michael Smith. Camp X-Ray opens in theaters and VOD on October 28th.

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Go Behind-The-Scenes on Kellan Lutz’s New Film ‘Tarzan’! »
August 5, 2014 | interview, Videos

Kellan Lutz gets truly into character in this exclusive, behind-the-scenes look from Tarzan.

Cameras take us behind the motion-capture picture to see how it was really filmed, into the recording studio and Kellan‘s co-star Spencer Locke chats up the film, now out on DVD and Blu-ray NOW.

Tarzan summary: During an expedition to a remote African jungle, the Greystoke family’s helicopter crashes, leaving one survivor: the young boy J.J., nicknamed Tarzan (Lutz). Raised by gorillas, Tarzan lives by the laws of the jungle — until he encounters another human being, the courageous and beautiful Jane Porter (Locke).

For Tarzan and Jane, it’s love at first sight — and the beginning of a thrilling adventure — as Tarzan uses his instincts and intellect to protect his jungle home and the woman he loves.

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Taylor Lautner Shows Off His Abs in New ‘Cuckoo’ Trailer! »
July 21, 2014 | Videos

Taylor Lautner sports two very different looks in the trailer for his upcoming show Cuckoo!

The 22-year-old actor first appears in the trailer as a crazy, disheveled, and bearded man who seems to alarm the family members that don’t recognize him.

Taylor is replacing Andy Samberg for the second season of the show and will be playing a brand new character that is being billed as “just as cuckoo.”

Cuckoo will air in the UK on BBC Three starting on August 7 at 10pm.

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Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway Dress in Drag for Jenny Lewis’ “Just One of the Guys” Music Video »
July 15, 2014 | interview, News Updates, Videos

Ever wondered what Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway would look like in drag? Us either.

Regardless, the two actresses (plus peer Brie Larson) dressed up like dudes for pal Jenny Lewis’ “Just One of the Guys” music video. The song serves as the first track from The Voyager, the indie singer-songwriter’s first solo album in six years. Lewis calls the compilation “the hardest one” she’s ever made.

What was it like shooting the music video? “We screamed with laughter all day, huddled behind the monitor,” Lewis tells GQ. “I haven’t laughed that hard since What About Bob? came out on laser disk.”

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JenC0MMENTS is having a Rover Contest.. Win signed items from Robert Pattinson & Cast »
June 26, 2014 | Contests, Videos

THE ROVER Giveaway: Win Poster Signed by Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, and Director David Michod

We have two signed posters from The Rover to give away to lucky readers. The Rover takes place ten years after society collapsed and follows a hardened loner (Pearce) who tracks down a gang of thieves with the help of one of their own (Pattinson) to reclaim the car they stole. Read Matt’s review here or watch out video interview with Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and Director David Michod here.

Pearce, Pattinson, and Michod signed the posters for our The Rover giveaway. Find how how you can win one after the jump. The Rover is now in theaters.

In order to enter the contest, email with your name and address and include THE ROVER Giveaway in the headline. You also need to “like” Collider on Facebook.

The giveaway will be open until July 4th and is only open to residents of the United States. Also, only one entry per person. Once the giveaway ends, we’ll look over the entries, make sure you’ve liked us on Facebook, and randomly pick the winners.

Here is the official synopsis and trailer for The Rover

Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and Director David Michod Talk THE ROVER, Creating the Characters, the Challenging Conditions on Set, and More »
June 19, 2014 | interview, Videos

Now playing in limited release is writer/director David Michôd’s thriller The Rover. The film stars Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson and takes place 10 years after the collapse of society, revolving around a man who sets out to reclaim his last possession from a gang. The pic is based on an original idea by Michôd and Joel Edgerton and marks Michôd’s long-awaited follow-up to his well-received 2010 feature debut Animal Kingdom. For more on the film, watch the trailer or read Matt’s review.

At the Los Angeles press day I landed an exclusive video interview with Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michod. They talked about working together to create the characters, the challenging filming conditions, what it was like on set, and more.

Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and Director David Michod:
-How did they work together to establish the characters?
-The challenging conditions for filming the movie.
-What was it like between takes?


Robert Pattinson on Late Night w/ Seth Myers »

found video of the rest of the interview of Robert on Seth Myers…

Robert Pattinson Interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live »

sorry for the russian subtitles, this was the only full version of the interview i could find

Robert Pattinson Reveals His Rapper Name! (WATCH) »
June 18, 2014 | interview, Videos

Before he hit it big with his Twilight role, Robert Pattinson spilled to Seth Meyers on Tuesday’s Late Night that he once had aspirations to become a rapper –and his hip-hop name is what Meyers calls “some real, hardcore sh**.”

Confirming the reports that he once wanted to drop rhymes, Pattinson tells the host, “100 per cent. I still kind of do [want to be a rapper]. I was Big Tub, that was my rap name.”

Explaining his alter ego, he adds, “I was very paranoid about my weight. I got quite sick in the last couple of days and I’m so excited about it. Next week I’m going to be so skinny!”

The 28-year-old actor was a bit more serious than expected about having a rap career. He even recorded! “I didn’t know how to scratch so I used to pull up and down the zip on my hoodie and record it,” Pattinson admitted. “It sounds exactly like it! [We were] Big Tub and the Tabby Cats.”

continue reading

Robert Pattinson Loves Swamp Wars, Reveals What’s “One of the Most Embarrassing Things” for Him—Watch Now! »
June 16, 2014 | interview, Videos

Robert Pattinson didn’t need a dialect coach to master his Southern twang for The Rover—he just turned to reality TV!

The 27-year-old British actor joked that he watched Swamp Wars to prepare for the role, telling E! News of his movie accent, “That actually might be where it came from!”

Really, though, the former Twilight hunk “was just kind of hoping” he was speaking accurately. “I was with a bunch of Australians,” he said, “and would ask, ‘Does this sound Southern?’”

Rob, Guy Pearce, director David Michod and the rest of The Rover cast and crew actually filmed in a remote, desert-like part of Australia. One less than glamorous aspect of shooting? Flies everywhere!

watch video interview here

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