You Won’t Believe How Long It Took Kellan Lutz To Become Hercules »
January 17, 2014 | interview, Videos

How long does it take to become Hercules? Well, if you’re Kellan Lutz, that answer is … six days.

The star of “The Legend of Hercules” was informed by director Renny Harlin that he had less than a week to train before filming began on what will be the latest take on the epic tale of the Greek demigod.

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Kellan Lutz Talks The Legend of Hercules With AMC Theatres »
January 12, 2014 | interview, Videos
Kellan Lutz interveiw on Wendy Williams Show »

Kellan Lutz tells us about his new movie, “The Legend of Hercules” and tells Wendy about his TV obsession.

Then, is Kellan single? Does he think a younger guy and older woman could ever have a serious relationship?

Find out what he only tells Wendy!

Kellan Lutz Talks Painful Butt Chafing, Bulking Up for The Legend of Hercules–Watch! »

Kellan Lutz had a bit of an issue with his behind while shooting the Legend of Hercules.

As it turns out, the 28-year-old actor who plays the lead role in the film, dealt with some butt chafing while he was trying to master riding a horse for it.

“It got rough. It got really rough,” Lutz told E! News’ Giuliana Rancic and Catt Sadler Friday. “There was some chafing. You’re bouncing up and down, you have to ride [the horse], so you really learn. So, my butt just got raw.”

“I got some scars on it and I had to be on the horse the next day, because the horse needs to learn that you are the rider, so you can never miss a day,” he continued. “So, I learned my lesson to listen to the experts and I will always do that from now on.”

January 10, 2014 | interview, Videos

Kellan Lutz Kick Starts the New Year, with Kelly and Michael, by doing the Doonya Bollywood workout!

(VIDEO) Kellan Lutz Interview – The Legend of Hercules »
Watch Kristen Stewart’s Sultry Behind-the-Scenes Video for Balenciaga »
| Videos

We have to say, Kristen Stewart looks pretty comfy in her latest behind-the-scenes video for Balenciaga’s Rosabotanica fragrance.

Even though she’s wearing nothing but a vine of flowers and an intense gaze, K.Stew looks cool and natural in her flowerchild state. In the video, the actress explains why she felt so completely in her element during the sexy, bare-it-all shoot.

“What I like about this is that I didn’t have to turn into a different person,” she says. “The point was to capture something natural. If you ever feel like you’re forcing something or trying to get the shot suddenly it’s just not fun anymore.”

The video shows the painstaking process of gluing on the intricate 3D floral body art onto her. We don’t know that we would have the same patience as K.Stew!

The Twilight star explains to the camera, “The vines look like they’re growing into her and becoming a part of her. She’s clearly very comfortable there and owning it.”

We’re loving this more feminine, ethereal side to K.Stew! Sometimes it just takes a Balenciaga campaign to bring out the softer side in someone.

via eonline

On Set: Ashley’s New Zom-Com ‘Burying the Ex’ »
January 6, 2014 | interview, Videos

It’s not every day that you visit a movie set to interview its stars and veteran director, only to find a decomposing zombie, still oddly attractive, sitting across from you. Staring at you innocently through dead-white irises while she politely answers your questions, it’s disconcerting to say the least. And that’s exactly what happened when I met Ashley Greene on the Los Angeles set of her rollicking new “Zom-Com,” Burying the Ex, along with her very alive-looking co-star Anton Yelchin and Gremlins director Joe Dante.

And that’s also the reason why, in my video interviews above, there is no footage of Ashley from that particular December day on the set; the producers wanted to keep her horrifying look under wraps until the film is ready for release later this year.

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Road to Sundance: When Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg starred in ‘Adventureland’ — VIDEO »
January 5, 2014 | Uncategorized, Videos

Every Monday until the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, EW is celebrating a great success story from independent film’s most prestigious showcase. So far, we’ve revisited Lee Daniel’s Precious and Courtney Hunt’s Frozen River. Today, we look back at Adventureland, the 2009 comedy that featured a bunch of indie stars who were on the cusp of movie stardom.

To be fair, Kristen Stewart had just become a huge star when Adventureland pulled into Park City in 2009 — the first Twilight was playing in theaters — but she was still only 18 years old. Jesse Eisenberg was known best for indies like The Squid and the Whale and Rodger Dodger, while Ryan Reynolds’ name — after a decade of solid work — was just beginning to be in the mix for major studio blockbusters.

Together, they signed up with writer/director Greg Mottola, who was coming off the box-office success of Superbad, for this coming-of-age story about a recent college grad who reluctantly takes a summer job in 1987 at the local amusement park. Running the theme park is an odd couple played by Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, and the EW video interview below from 2009 is a fine time capsule for the actors, whose careers have all skyrocketed in the past four years.

watch videos here

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kellan Lutz »

You already know Kellan Lutz is way more than just a fine piece of meat. But there are a lot of things you probably don’t know… Boxers or briefs? Miley vs. Selena? Check it out.

via spinmedia

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