Robert Pattinson on Rumored Roles as Han Solo or Indiana Jones: I Wish! »
June 14, 2014 | interview

Don’t look for Robert Pattinson to play a future Han Solo or Indiana Jones.

The Twilight star, 28, shot down any rumors Thursday as he walked the red carpet in Los Angeles at the Regency Bruin Theatre for the U.S. premiere of his latest film, The Rover.

“I don’t know why. Why is that coming out?” he said of speculation he could play a future Indy. “I honestly don’t understand what it’s all about. Man, I wish!”

He was equally clueless about a reports that he was set to take on a younger version of the character Harrison Ford made famous in Star Wars.

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Robert Pattinson’s Life After ‘Twilight’ »
June 13, 2014 | interview

Robert Pattinson isn’t Edward Cullen anymore.

For awhile, it seemed as if the eerily handsome British actor would have an impossible time getting past the iconic Twilight role that first brought him global fame and fortune. The series was too popular. His looks were too vampiric. And no one who plays the same part more than, say, three times ever really shakes it. (See: Connery, Sean.)

But in the years since the final Twilight installment came and went from theaters, Pattinson has begun to accomplish the impossible. Again and again he has chosen to work with brilliant auteurs—Werner Herzog, David Cronenberg, James Gray, Olivier Assayas—and again and again he has stunned audiences with his smart, sensitive, and very un-Cullen-like performances.

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Robert Pattinson Says He’s “Homeless” Again, Laughs About His “Heavy Saliva” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! »

Shailene Woodley isn’t the only homeless Hollywood star.

The Rover’s Robert Pattinson revealed that he too is without a home on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!. “Last time you were here, you told me your living arrangements were a little bit shaky. You said you were living under an archway next to some garbage cans,” Jimmy Kimmel said. “Is that still the case?””I wish,” the 28-year-old British actor said, laughing. “It’s gone way downhill!” According to Pattinson, “My parents borrowed my house, which I was borrowing from someone else. They kicked me out of it when I got back from [filming a movie in] Toronto. That’s the end of that. So I’m now homeless again.”

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‘He survived on white bread and barbecue sauce for weeks’: Robert Pattinson’s bizarre Hollywood diet revealed »

sounds pretty gross to me….

While most of Hollywood’s leading men are obsessed with working out and high protein meals, Robert Pattinson’s slightly odd diet has been revealed.

The 28-year-old British actor is said to have ‘survived on white bread and barbecue sauce for weeks’ while filming The Rover in Outback Australia.

Director David Michod opened up about the former Twilight Saga star’s unusual dietary requirements at a question and answer at Sydney’s Town Hall on Sunday.

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Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce talk about ‘The Rover’ — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO »
June 6, 2014 | interview, Videos

Set in a lawless Australian outback 10 years after a devastating economic collapse, The Rover stars Guy Pearce as an embittered Aussie who has lost his family and Robert Pattinson as an American too young to remember a time before everything went to Hell. The second feature from David Michôd — director of 2010?s acclaimed, Pearce-starring gangster-thriller Animal Kingdom — debuts in New York and Los Angeles on June 13 and goes nationwide the following week.

You can learn more about the world of The Rover by checking out the film’s official website or by watching the exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette below.


Kellan Lutz Talks THE EXPENDABLES 3, Working Out with the Cast, Improvising One-Liners, His Desire to Play He-Man, and More »
May 30, 2014 | interview

Last year, when The Expendables 3 was filming in Bulgaria, I got to visit the set with a few other reporters. Usually during a break in filming I’ll do interviews with the cast. But due to how much was going on that day, interviews were tough to come by. Thankfully, Lionsgate recently got me on the phone with Kellan Lutz for an exclusive interview. He talked about how he got involved in the project, working with the the incredible cast, his character’s backstory, improvising one-liners, if it was a competitive set, director Patrick Hughes, his love of He-Man and desire to play the character in Masters of the Universe, and so much more.

Before going any further, if you’re not familiar with the story, The Expendables 3 has Sylvester Stallone’s Barney Ross and his Expendables crew squaring off against Ross’ old partner Conrad Stonebanks, played by Mel Gibson. Returning for the sequel are Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews and Arnold Schwarzenegger, with Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, Kelsey Grammer and Harrison Ford joining the cast along with Glen Powell, Robert Davi, MMA star Ronda Rousey, and welterweight boxing champion Victor Ortiz.

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Kristen Stewart Talks Acting: Making Movies to Please Others Is “Ass-Backwards” »

In case you hadn’t noticed, Kristen Stewart takes pride in being her own person and remaining unfazed by Hollywood expectations.

Not that she would ever refer to it as “taking pride.” It’s just…normalcy.

“I don’t do what I do to…control perception or make people think a certain way about me,” Stewart said in a recent interview with Reuters when asked whether it’s difficult to remain true to herself both as an actress and a person who’s always under the media’s microscope.

“That would be traipsing all over the experience of making any film. It’s just so ass-backwards to me,” the star of the upcoming Clouds of Sils Maria, which screened at the Cannes Film Festival last week, said.

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Q&A: ‘Night Moves’ Star Dakota Fanning On Grungy Hair and Growing Up »

Dakota Fanning, the former child star who screamed her way through War of the Worlds and terrorized Edward and Bella in The Twilight Saga, has her most grown-up role to date in the drama Night Moves, opening in New York and Los Angeles on May 30. She, Jesse Eisenberg, and Peter Sarsgaard play a trio of eco-terrorists bent on blowing up an Oregon dam in this tense contemporary character study from indie director Kelly Reichardt (Wendy and Lucy, Meek’s Cutoff). In the film, Fanning’s character Dena is a low-key, auburn-haired, sneaker-wearing activist, but when Yahoo Movies caught up with the blonde beauty in a suite at Manhattan’s Crosby Street Hotel, she had clearly shucked the drab hoody and jeans, curling up in an upholstered chair wearing a low-cut black silk tank top, leather shorts, and gladiator heels.

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Robert Pattinson on Moving Past ‘Twilight,’ Cold-Calling A-List Directors and Downsizing His Life »
May 28, 2014 | interview

On April 21, 2012, Robert Pattinson slipped into a rented Toyota Camry and set out on the 10-minute drive from his home in L.A.’s Los Feliz to Koreatown. The actor was anxious; he was about to audition for a role he desperately wanted, and auditions are hardly his forte. “I hate auditioning,” he says. “I just can’t do it. I get so nervous, like cripplingly nervous. I’m bad at them, and I feel awful afterward.” Nor were his nerves soothed by his recent forays into indie film. Such pictures as Bel Ami and Little Ashes had come and gone with more of a fizzle than a bang, and Cosmopolis would sputter out soon — all mere squibs compared to the supernova Twilight, which earned $3.3 billion at the box office and brought Pattinson $20 million for its final installment alone.

He wanted this part — needed it, even — to prove he no longer was just a dark, brooding, iridescent, slightly humorless, 100-year-old vampire named Edward Cullen. So he arrived at his destination young, handsome, famous and worried as hell. “It was terrifying,” he says. “It’s kind of rare that I really, really want stuff.”

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CANNES WATCH: ‘Expendables’ Kellan Lutz relishes down time, calls franchise ‘a dream’ »
May 25, 2014 | interview

TOURRETTES, France – After a Cannes whirlwind that included a tank ride and walking the red carpet to promote “The Expendables,” Kellan Lutz was eager for a chance to unwind.

He got it as the Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort in the Provence region hosted Lutz and other stars as a getaway from the Cannes madness. The 750-acre resort, which also has a vineyard, offered spa treatments and more, and provided culinary delights at a private dinner there Tuesday night.

“It’s been exhausting in the best of ways,” said Lutz, who planned to go to Monte Carlo, which is hosting the Grand Prix, after Cannes. “I just want to lay out by the pool, get a massage. I never treat myself. … It’s just a great little break.”

Lutz was in Cannes for “The Expendables 3,” which made arguably the biggest splash in Cannes. The all-star cast, which includes Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Jason Statham and Harrison Ford, rode down the famous Croisette in tanks, held a raucous press conference and walked the red carpet. It’s out in the United States in August.

The “Twilight” actor called the experience surreal, particularly the Saturday morning tank ride, which drew a massive crowd.

“It was 10 a.m.. … We’re like, who’s up at 10 a.m.? We had people running from where we started which was a mile away,” he said.

Lutz said working with the veteran actors was “a dream.”

“When you put them together, you would think that it would be an epic battle of who is bigger, who’s better, who’s stronger. But everyone complements each other significantly,” he said. “I hope we get to do a fourth one and a fifth one.”


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