‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart’s Barbie Dolls Released Just in Time for Christmas »
November 19, 2012 | Exclusive, Fan Section

Is there a Twihard or two in your family? You can easily identify the afflicted youngsters by their having raced to see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 this weekend.

Now here’s a great holiday gift idea for young or old Twihards: The brand new Breaking Dawn 2 Barbie Dolls of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, aka Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

In contrast with the tamer early versions of the Twilight lovers, Bella is considerably hotter since she became a vampire. She is paler, with thicker hair and very dramatic golden eyes. And she’s suited up in a tough-girl faux-leather biker jacket and skintight leggings with boots. Even Edward looks edgier, wearing a dark brown wool jacket and a pair of trendy rolled-up dark-wash jeans.

The first Twilight Saga Barbie dolls of the pair were dressed in jeans and sporty jackets. Back then, Edward was the only pale-complexioned one. And when Breaking Dawn – Part 1 premiered, the dolls wore traditional wedding attire that looked a lot like what they wore in the film.

There are other characters as well: Esme, in a straight slim skirt and a purple ruffled sleeveless blouse; Carlisle, in a white lab coat and a very metrosexual turquoise shirt and matching tie; and Emmett, wearing a gray vest and maroon shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a hip leather wrist band.

The Bella/Edward gift set will be available exclusively at Toys ‘R Us and the solo dolls are sold on Barbiecollector.com starting Dec. 1. No price is listed, but if you double the price of a single doll — $24.95 — that’s probably the approximate price of the couple gift set.

Think the price is high? Well, keep in mind that these are collectibles. In a few decades, a Twihad will be able to sell a set of unopened dolls on eBay. So they make pretty decent investment — but that’s only if they are unopened. And where’s the fun in that?

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Watch The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Live Webcast, Ask Cast Questions…. »
November 10, 2012 | Exclusive, Fan Section

Catch the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 LIVE webcast on Yahoo! Movies, Monday at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT!

What questions do you have for the cast of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2?
Join Yahoo! Movies on November 12th at 4:30 PM PT for exclusive red carpet coverage from the world premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Our correspondents will be LIVE on the red carpet ready to ask the cast YOUR questions.

submit your questions for the cast here

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WATCH: Yahoo! Movies is Live Streaming the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Red Carpet Premiere Event! »
October 29, 2012 | Exclusive, Fan Section

Yahoo! Movies presents the final installment of “The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn – Part 2″. Don’t miss your chance to see the all of the red carpet action as your favorite werewolves and vampires walk down the red carpet for one final time.

Join the fun and tune in to watch exclusively on Yahoo! Movies on Monday, November 12 at 5:30PM PT/8:30PM ET.

When: November 12, 2012
How: click here

Tickets are on sale now: click here to purchase your tickets

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Entertainment Tonight to Release ‘Twilight’ Tips »
October 16, 2012 | Exclusive, Fan Section

Calling all Twi-hards! The final Twilight film is almost here, and every day until the November release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 , ET is going to share a tidbit with you about the film!

Tune in to ET tonight for the first Twilight tip, and come back to ETonline where we’ll be accumulating all the tips in the days leading up to Breaking Dawn Part 2′s big debut!

In Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) is at the center of the ruling vamp clan Volturi’s wrath in the final installment of the Twilight series, and the new parents enlist some formidable allies for the cause.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 hits theaters November 16, 2012.

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‘Breaking Dawn’: Global countdown to final poster begins tomorrow »
September 30, 2012 | Exclusive, Uncategorized

As the end of The Twilight Saga gets ever nearer (47 days!), Summit is showing no signs of slowing its momentum on an extravagant, globally-minded marketing campaign. Echoing Breaking Dawn — Part 2‘s assembly of international vampire covens, the series’ final one-sheet poster will be revealed progressively throughout different international time zones, Cullen-minating with a dramatic reveal at “dawn” (or, more precisely 9 a.m. PT) on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

Leveraging a combined 40.4 million Likes on Facebook, the campaign kicks off at 1 p.m. PT Monday (8 a.m. Tuesday in New Zealand), with the reveal of the first portion of the poster at Twilight‘s Facebook HQ . Every four hours, another section will hit Facebook’s various Twilight pages until the countdown circles back to where it started. The full schedule:

1 p.m. PT (8 a.m. Tuesday, New Zealand): Section 1 revealed at Twilight‘s Facebook page
5 p.m. PT (9 a.m. Tuesday, Tokyo): Section 2 revealed at New Moon‘s Facebook page
9 p.m .PT (8 a.m. Tuesday, Dubai): Section 3 revealed at Eclipse‘s Facebook page

1 a.m. PT (9 a.m. London): Section 4 revealed at Breaking Dawn‘s Facebook page
5 a.m. PT (9 a.m. Buenos Aires): Section 5 revealed at Facebook pages for Edward, Bella, and Jacob
9 a.m. PT: Full poster unveiled at Twilight‘s Facebook page

Tickets for Breaking Dawn — Part 2 (and a Nov. 15 Twilight Saga marathon) go on sale Oct. 1

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Full Final Trailer Released »
September 8, 2012 | Exclusive, Videos
Breaking Dawn – Part 2 New Face Friday – Marlane Barnes »
September 7, 2012 | Exclusive, interview

Q: Your character Maggie knows when people are telling lies. Are you good at telling when people are lying to you in real-life?
Marlane: I like to think I’m a pretty good judge of character now. I feel like that’s one of the things that acting has done for me is you get to see when people are acting.
Q: Did Stephenie Meyer talk with you at all about your character?
Marlane: You know, I actually didn’t talk much with Stephenie about my character on set, I know that Lisa [Howard] did, but yeah I didn’t really get a chance to do that. I was interested that when I read the – cause you know she put out that comprehensive fan book – and I was interested to see that a lot of the choices I had made for Maggie were pretty similar to what she already had in mind, so I feel like we just kind of both knew… that we were on the same page.
Q: So did you fan-girl on her a little bit?
Marlane: You know, I actually had not read the books before I was cast. I read them once I was going to take the part in the film, so for me … Yeah, I don’t know, I guess I was a little afraid of her. She’s like this reigning queen of this huge world, and she’s very busy and was on set a lot doing very important things, so I just kind of had my brush-ins when I did and tried not to interfere the rest of the time. But yeah she’s really lovely and very sweet to everybody and very involved in the film, I think probably just as much as anybody else.

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Check back every friday for more breaking dawn part 2 New face Friday info!!

New ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2′ trailer to debut at MTV VMAs »
September 5, 2012 | Exclusive

Amidst all the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson drama, it’s getting harder and harder to remember that the former couple started out as costars — especially since the first “Twilight” movie was a shaky-cam indie flick and now that the fifth and final movie, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2,” is coming out, it’s a worldwide phenomenon.

But we’ll be reminded of the exciting conclusion to the Saga when the final trailer for the final installment premieres at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday, Sept. 6. We’ll get a full 90 seconds (90 glorious seconds!) of new footage when the clip airs during the show.

If you can’t wait another day, check out the 10-second teaser, which shows the shortest (we’re talking itty bitty) clips of the gang prepping for the arrival of the Volturi. “Breaking Dawn Part 2″ hits theaters on November 16.

Get More:
2012 VMA, Artists.MTV, Music

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Twilight: The Complete Journey [Paperback] »
September 1, 2012 | Exclusive, Fan Section

A gorgeous all-access guide to the Twilight saga from the magazine
whose writers and photographers covered the phenomenon before anyone
else and better than anyone else. “The Twilight Journey” follows author
Stephenie Meyer and stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor
Lautner on their wild, five-year journey from the set of the first
movie to the premiere of 2012′s “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.” With funny,
intimate, often shockingly frank interviews as well as set visits,
trivia, book and movie guides, and dozens of now-iconic photographs. The
book is not only a keepsake for fans to pore over but also a revealing
portrait of an unassuming first-time author and three very different
young actors coping with a fame so sudden and overwhelming that it not
only transformed their lives but Hollywood itself.
Includes five posters based on original EW covers.

Publication Date: October 2, 2012

New Images from TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2; Plus Bill Condon Talks Runtime, Baby Vampire Powers, and the Film’s Finale »
August 28, 2012 | Exclusive, Images, interview

The Twilight film franchise will finally come to a close this November with the series’ concluding chapter, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. The film’s release comes with some added behind-the-scenes drama, but Twilight fans are likely just excited to see how Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson bring the franchise to an end. A couple new images from the film have landed online, along with some quotes from director Bill Condon about the movie. He reveals how long the film will be, talks about visualizing the Bella/Edward spawn Renesemee’s powers, and teases the film’s climax. Hit the jump to check out the photos and Condon quotes.

Speaking with MTV, Condon revealed that he’s currently mixing and color timing the film as well as adding “that last big bunch of visual effects shots.” Currently, the film is running at just under two hours:

“The running time is one hour and 56 minutes, one minute shorter than the first one and as such, I think the shortest of all of them.”

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